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Medication Management

By combining therapy with medication, we can ensure individuals get the most out of their time with us.



Medication Management Central Kentucky

Why Choose Us For Your Medication Management

At Fuller Life Counseling Partners we believe that medication management is a tool that can be used in conjunction with therapy and other treatment options to improve a client’s overall wellness. Our providers will work collaboratively to
ensure that the client’s needs are being met including coordination with the client’s primary care physician when needed.

There are times when symptoms such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, sleep issue, and an inability to focus can make therapy alone incredibly challenging. We believe that with the addition of medication some clients can see enough
improvement in symptoms that therapy because much more beneficial and progress can be seen more quickly.


Medication along with “talk therapy” can often lead to better results even in medication is only used short term to help reduce symptoms while learning new coping strategies.

Why See A Psychiatric Provider for Medication

Often people seek psychiatric medications from a primary care physician, however seeking treatment from a psychiatric provider often leads to better results because the evaluation and diagnosis of mental health conditions can at times be complicated and psychiatric providers are trained in this specific area. Medication is also an option at times for those experiencing an acute stressor who are struggling with functioning in their daily lives.

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If you have questions about medication management, please contact us by calling 270.904.0976 or fill out the contact us form and someone will be happy to discuss treatment options with you or schedule an appointment with our psychiatric nurse practitioner.


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