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-Peter Masters

"The dandelion thrives in difficult conditions and as such symbolizes surviving through all challenges and difficulties. It stands for the warmth and power of the rising sun and the healing of emotional pain."


Who We Are

Do you remember picking a dandelion and blowing it in the wind? Or have you had a young, smiling, and excited child hand you a fresh bouquet of dandelions that he just picked? If you have, we hope those memories are as special as the dandelion is to us in our logo. We have chosen the dandelion as a symbol of Fuller Life Counseling Partner's promise to you. That promise is to help you "live a fuller life". 

Our Promise to You

To most a dandelion is simply a bother; we probably all know someone who is in constant fear of little yellow spots in the lawn. However, just like all of us, there is so much more to a dandelion than meets the eye. In fact, it wasn't until the 1800's that people stopped pulling grass out of their lawns just to make room for "useful weeds" such as the dandelion.


We understand there are times in our lives when the challenges we are facing become overwhelming. We also understand there are times when dealing with those challenges that we forget that we have all we need within ourselves to make changes in our lives to overcome these obstacles. You see, every part of a dandelion is useful; the root, the leaves, the flower. We know, just like the root; the leaves; the flower of a dandelion, that every part of you; your mind, your body, and soul; is useful when you need to overcome and change challenging situations in your life. 


As a flower, the dandelion symbolizes to us that it is a gift that will provide happiness and is a promise of total faithfulness. That promise is who we are and why we want to help you in your path towards change. We want you to know you are not alone. The path to change can be challenging and we want to support you throughout your journey.


We value the professional relationships we build with those we work with and believe that a positive, professional relationship, paired with evidence based practices, can change lives. We want you to see how your roots, your leaves, your flower can all be used to create needed change in your life; no matter what you are facing...whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction; whatever it is, we want to help guide and support you.     


We recognize that there are those in the world that will simply just "See a weed" or just a "wish". This is why we want you to know, we see so much more to you than meets the eye. We see a path towards freedom. We know you can create positive changes in your life that will help give you the freedom to breathe fuller, relax fuller, love fuller and most of a fuller life. 

Benefits of Counseling explaining how therapy can help with suicide, stress, family problems, divorce, parenting, anxiety.
Benefits of Counseling
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