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Intensive Outpatient Treatment(IOP)


Substance Abuse

We help individuals overcome their addiction by providing the guidance, support, and resources needed to turn their life around.



Intensive Outpatient Treatment
(IOP) for Substance Abuse

Fuller Life Counseling Partners offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) for substance abuse. Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a type of specialized outpatient recovery program that provides more structure and a more intensive level of care than a standard outpatient program while still giving you the freedom to live at home and continue to work.

Some people use a substance abuse IOP as a primary type of care, others may transition to an IOP after completing an inpatient program to continue to build on coping skills and decrease the risk of relapse. IOP can be just as effective as a residential treatment program for those who are unable to leave home or work obligations.


At Fuller Life Counseling our IOP program is designed to be holistic and treat all aspects of addiction including past trauma, mental health issues, and a focus on improving physical health. We believe it is important to treat the root causes connected to the addiction and through a combination of group, individual, and family counseling we will uncover those issues and develop mental clarity.

IOP services take the path to healing to the next step by focusing on underlying problems.

Services Offered In Intensive

Upon entering the intensive outpatient program at Fuller Life Counseling, you will be assigned a treatment team that will work with you to develop treatment goals based on your individual needs. There will also be ongoing assessment of treatment needs and a focus on relapse prevention through the program. Intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment varies in length based on the treatment needs of the individual.


Group therapy strengthens individual therapy by providing a support system of those going through a similar situation.

Group Counseling

Intensive group counseling is offered to help with learning about various aspects of addiction. Groups will focus on communication skills, developing a support system, stress management, coping skills, various life skills, and relapse prevention. Clients are required to attend a minimum of 3 groups weekly.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is offered to help mend relationships that have been damaged or broken by addiction. Fuller Life staff will also work to educate the family on the root causes of addiction and the consequences of substance addiction on relationships.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a requirement for attendance in IOP to help an individual develop a more introspective view of their own addiction and address any mental health issues that may be connected to their addiction. Past trauma is often linked to addiction and the counselors at Fuller Life Counseling can assist clients in having some mental clarity around their trauma through various approaches.


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