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Bowling Green

Kristina Fuller

I understand and respect the courage it takes to talk with someone about personal and sometimes uncomfortable topics. It is my goal to assist a client in achieving overall wellness, which I believe is key to long term happiness. If you are motivated for change in your life but not sure how to achieve that change, I would love to assist you on that journey to positive change.

Nellie Arnett

I believe all individuals, couples, and families have strengths that can be identified and used to meet presenting needs. You are the expert on your situation. I want to partner with you to develop a plan to achieve your personal goals.

Emilee Cline

Many people who experience emotional or mental health problems suffer alone or in silence. My goal is to provide support and guidance in a safe and comfortable environment, as well as walk beside individuals in their journey to healing and wellness.

Lacie Martinez

I believe the therapeutic relationship is the basis for growth and change and my office is a safe space for both. We will work together to develop goals that are not only achievable, but increase satisfaction in all areas of life. I find utmost gratitude in the privilege of working with my clients and walking with them on their journey of discovery, change, and healing. 

Tiffany Secula

“I am a firm believer that every person has worth and value and I am passionate about helping you realize your worth. I will work with you in a safe and encouraging environment to overcome obstacles, enhance strengths, and reach a healthier you. 


Amanda Stewart

I understand it takes incredible courage to try something new. My goal is to offer a space where you feel safe to talk openly and honestly about your own journey. To encourage, engage, and empower you – so that you may be the healthiest, happiest YOU possible.

Jessica Hayes

I think everyone has unique gifts and strengths to help them overcome barriers and learn new coping skills that promote overall wellness

Leisia Landers

C.S. Lewis once said, " You can't go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending". I believe that you must meet the client where they are currently. To provide a safe environment to alleviate crises, identify current needs, process past issues/traumas, and identify future goals for self. Also, to help clients learn to change negative behaviors/habits, to identify their own strengths, and develop positive coping skills in order to improve their quality of life. I believe your past does not have to define you but you can use it to propel yourself forward into the future that you hope to have.