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Our mental health services are now accessible from the comfort of your own home through online video communication. We are happy to offer this service as an alternative to our in person behavioral health services. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Benefits of Online Counseling

Online mental health counseling, otherwise known as teletherapy, opens the door to healthy living by leveraging modern day communications. In the right conditions, it can allow you to receive the same quality attention given in a traditional therapy session, but on your time. We understand that sometimes life gets busy. Kids need caring, errands need to be done, and meetings need to be attended. Since counseling online doesn't require a physical rendezvous, you can feel free to connect wherever you are. This allows more flexibility than ever before.

Another advantage of online therapy is saved time and money. No longer do you need to drive to a physical location, burning precious fuel and dealing with traffic. Instead, you can simply connect with us online or on the phone. This ensures you're optimizing your time and money without sacrificing the therapeutic benefits of a traditional counseling session. Finally, people with physical impairments or debilitating sicknesses can still talk to a counselor. With today's technological advancements, there's no reason you should not be able to converse with a qualified therapist. Call us today to find out whether you could benefit from our online counseling services. We can't wait to talk!

Individual Counseling

There are times in all our lives when guidance from someone objective can make a difference in our perception. At Fuller Life Counseling, we see the relationship between the counselor and client as the primary agent for change. We want to be your partner in making positive changes in your life, and we believe that with motivation, a supportive relationship, and evidence-based practices that transformation can occur. It is our goal to provide a space for counseling that is discrete and confidential but is also warm and inviting.

Family Counseling

Families are unique, complex, and the most valuable human connection we have.  Most families face challenges at times and family counseling can be a great way to learn strategies for solving those challenges. At Fuller Life Counseling we believe that we must be able to understand the individual needs of each family member while also helping the entire family unit work together better as a whole. Family counseling can help families with developing healthy boundaries, improving communication, and reducing family conflict. Our mental health counselors are eager to share healthy strategies for coping with common familial challenges ranging from daily disputes to dysfunctional behaviors. Call us today to start the conversation on family therapy and how we can help your family grow together.

Couples Counseling

Making the decision to attend couples counseling can be a difficult one, because it involves admitting that your relationship has some problems. However, we view couples therapy as a beneficial investment in your most intimate relationship. The purpose of couples counseling is to learn how to better communicate, how to resolve conflict, and at times how to rebuild trust. It's our goal is to work as an intermediary between the couple to help bring them together and plant the seeds of reconnection. Partaking in marriage counseling is possibly the best step a couple can take for rebuilding their marriage, and we'd love to help you along the way. Be sure to ask us about our online couples counseling options, too.

Substance Use Counseling

Substance use can become problematic in all areas of a person’s life, and we know it can be difficult to admit a problem exists. We believe that substance use is more than a physiological issue and are dedicated to treating the underlying, root causes of substance abuse. We will use evidenced-based practices to assist someone in addressing past trauma, triggers for their substance use, and learning healthy coping strategies. Our behavioral therapists are certified and capable of helping each client we receive to utilize proven addiction overcoming strategies. Like our other cognitive behavioral therapy services, we offer online substance use counseling for those eligible for it.

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Nellie Arnett

Nellie Arnett is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate accepting new clients through Fuller Life Counseling. She is currently accepting Medicaid and private pay and has openings for individuals, couples, and families. She has a special interest in family dynamics, effective communication, conflict resolution, and parenting issues.

Nellie has a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Kentucky University and lives in Bowling Green with her husband and two children.

I believe all individuals, couples, and families have strengths that can be identified and used to meet presenting needs. You are the expert on your situation. I want to partner with you to develop a plan to achieve your personal goals.

Kristina Fuller

Kristina “Kristy” Watt Fuller has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Kentucky University and has been a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor since 2001. Kristy has a special interest in those with dealing with anxiety, depression, family dynamics, substance use, and trauma. Kristy is accepting new referrals for commercial insurance and self-pay. Kristy also provides flexible scheduling and even online counseling for those with a hectic schedule. Kristy is trained in a variety of evidence-based practices including EMDR and was a Circle of Compassion recipient in 2010 from the University of Kentucky for her work with children in foster care. Kristy lives in Alvaton, Kentucky with her husband, 2 children, and 3 dogs.

I understand and respect the courage it takes to talk with someone about personal and sometimes uncomfortable topics. It is my goal to assist a client in achieving overall wellness, which I believe is key to long term happiness. If you are motivated for change in your life but not sure how to achieve that change, I would love to assist you on that journey to positive change.  I believe that the relationship between the therapist and client is primary to change and see myself as your partner in the process.

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