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Counseling in Central Kentucky

Professional Therapists in Central Kentucky

Fuller Life Counseling Partners is a group of professional counselors in Bowling Green, Glasgow, Scottsville and Tompkinsville that are dedicated to focusing on the overall wellness of those we work with. We believe that it is important to take care of your body, your mind, and soul in order to live your best life. 

We know it can be overwhelming or stressful when you are looking for a counselor. No matter the reason that brings you here today; we want you to know that 


We offer mental health therapy in Warren County, Kentucky and surrounding counties around Bowling Green, KY. We want to help people live a fuller life by helping them with family issues, child behavior issues, aging parents, and traumatic events within their lives.
Mental health servies that help you live your best life.

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Professional, Dedicated Team of Counselors

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Kristy, LPCC-S and Owner

Medicaid therapists in Bowling Green Kentucky. We accept medicaid policies.
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Emilee, LPA

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Keshia, LPCC-S

Nellie, LMFT

Tiffany, LPCC

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What We Specialize In

We offer indvividual counseling and individual therapy to those suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, family issues, marriage problems, child behavior problems, teenagers. We offer face to face help.



Family Counseling in Bowling Green, KY and surrounding areas. We work with all types of families such as blended families, families struggling with addiction, or family's dealing with the loss of a loved one.



We provide marriage counseling and couples therapy; we work with all couples whom are struggling with finances, cheating, infidelity, or life transition such as having a new baby or a new job.



We offer addiction type treatment counseling that is evidenced based. We help those are addicted to drugs such as herion, cocaine, meth, marjuana, and those that are court ordered to receive substance abuse therapy or counseling. We can work with your medicated management team in the Bowling Green, KY area.

Substance Use


We provide online therapy and online teleheath counseling to those in the State of Kentucky and Tennessee.



The Journey Towards Wellness Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

“Kristy has been such a blessing to me! She listens without judgement & helps me through anything that comes my way. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs a listening ear.”

Counseling, we provide therapy in Scottsville, Kentucky

- Park City, KY

“Fuller Life Counseling has changed my life! They have helped me to cope with stress and everyday life. I'm so comfortable sharing in my sessions; it feels like talking to an old friend. Their professionalism assures me that all my information be kept confidential. It is a breath of fresh air to know someone cares, like Fuller Life Counseling Partners does.”

- Bowling Green, KY

“Fuller Life Counseling Partners has helped me to create healthy boundaries and maintain a positive outlook on life. I highly recommend them to anyone who is suffering or dealing with personal issues. Their wonderful and kind counselors help me achieve a fuller life.”

We will work with you to help get you an emotional service or emotinal support dog in Bowling Green, KY

- Bowling Green, KY

Now offering

Online Counseling

Meaningful therapy sessions - all from the comfort of your own home.

Social isolation caused by COVID-19 has caused increased anxiety levels among people according to Psychology Today. Thankfully, we can help with that as our mental health services are now accessible from the comfort of your own home through online video communication. We are happy to offer this service as an alternative to our in person behavioral health services. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Best online counsling in Kentucky
Best online therapy in Kentucky
Online Counseling services in Kentucky

Benefits of Online Counseling

Online mental health counseling, otherwise known as teletherapy, opens the door to healthy living by leveraging modern day communications. In the right conditions, it can allow you to receive the same quality attention given in a traditional therapy session, but on your time. We understand that sometimes life gets busy. Kids need caring, errands need to be done, and meetings need to be attended. Since counseling online doesn't require a physical rendezvous, you can feel free to connect wherever you are. This allows more flexibility than ever before.

Another advantage of online therapy is saved time and money. No longer do you need to drive to a physical location, burning precious fuel and dealing with traffic. Instead, you can simply connect with us online or on the phone. This ensures you're optimizing your time and money without sacrificing the therapeutic benefits of a traditional counseling session. Finally, people with physical impairments or debilitating sicknesses can still talk to a counselor. With today's technological advancements, there's no reason you should not be able to converse with a qualified therapist. Call us today to find out whether you could benefit from our online counseling services. We can't wait to talk!

Individual Counseling

There are times in all our lives when guidance from someone objective can make a difference in our perception. At Fuller Life Counseling, we see the relationship between the counselor and client as the primary agent for change. We want to be your partner in making positive changes in your life, and we believe that with motivation, a supportive relationship, and evidence-based practices that transformation can occur. It is our goal to provide a space for counseling that is discrete and confidential but is also warm and inviting.

Online Therapy Services in Kentucky
Family therapy in Bowling Green

Family Counseling

Families are unique, complex, and the most valuable human connection we have.  Most families face challenges at times and family counseling can be a great way to learn strategies for solving those challenges. We believe that we must be able to understand the individual needs of each family member while also helping the entire family unit work together better as a whole. Family counseling can help families with developing healthy boundaries, improving communication, and reducing family conflict. Our mental health counselors are eager to share healthy strategies for coping with common familial challenges ranging from daily disputes to dysfunctional behaviors.

Couples Counseling

Making the decision to attend couples counseling can be a difficult one, because it involves admitting that your relationship has some problems. However, we view couples therapy as a beneficial investment in your most intimate relationship. The purpose of couples counseling is to learn how to better communicate, how to resolve conflict, and at times how to rebuild trust. It's our goal is to work as an intermediary between the couple to help bring them together and plant the seeds of reconnection. Partaking in marriage counseling is possibly the best step a couple can take for rebuilding their marriage, and we'd love to help you along the way. Be sure to ask us about our online couples counseling options, too.

Relationship Counseling in Bowling Green Kentucky
Substanc Abuse Counseling in Bowling Green Kentucky

Substance Use Counseling

Substance use can become problematic in all areas of a person’s life, and we know it can be difficult to admit a problem exists. We believe that substance use is more than a physiological issue and are dedicated to treating the underlying, root causes of substance abuse. We will use evidenced-based practices to assist someone in addressing past trauma, triggers for their substance use, and learning healthy coping strategies. Our behavioral therapists are certified and capable of helping each client we receive to utilize proven addiction overcoming strategies. Like our other cognitive behavioral therapy services, we offer online substance use counseling for those eligible for it.

Call or text us today for more information about our services.

Need Help Finding A Therapist Near You?

Here's what to consider when choosing from the many mental health services Central Kentucky has to offer.

Perhaps you suspect you're struggling with a mental health disorder, such as depression or anxiety. You've visited your primary care provider (PCP) and they have identified some indicators that visiting a therapist or counselor would be beneficial. So, you've officially decided to seek counseling and perhaps even have a few recommendations for local therapists in Bowling Green, Glasgow, Scottsville, or Tompkinsville from your PCP. However, you find that you're still struggling to sift through the various counseling services Central Kentucky has to offer. You've thought to yourself, "Which Central Kentucky therapy services are best for me?" and "Will talking with a therapist really help me?" These are some common questions people often contemplate before taking their first step toward seeking professional help, and they can sometimes be difficult to answer without careful consideration. So, here are a few considerations that can help bring clarity to choosing a mental health care professional.

Here is where the best mental health counselors Bowling Green Kentucky has.


As is with any service, experience-level of the organization is important to consider. Therapy is an intangible service that not only relies on your willingness to seek help, but the counselor’s expertise. Moreover, you’ll want to ensure the counselor you choose has rich experience in the mental health services field. Every counselor, therapist, or clinician has achieved at least a master’s degree in a mental health-related field, but experience level and evidence-based treatment models are arguably just as important as the degree they earned. An experienced therapist will be able to identify problems quicker, provide proven coping strategies, and rely on their vast therapeutic background to assist you in symptom reduction. Moreover, an experienced mental health counselor will be best prepared for helping you live a better, fuller life.

Insurance Options

After having determined the therapist’s experience is sufficient, you’ll want to consider your payment options. With the passing of additional state laws and increased understanding of mental health disorders, insurance companies are more and more likely to include mental health care in their policies, such as those eligible to see a Medicaid therapist. Of course, every policy differs, so you’ll want to talk with your insurance company about what’s covered and what’s not. Moreover, financial backing from an insurance company will allow you to choose a counseling service based on its quality rather than its cost.


But what if the therapist doesn’t accept my insurance policy? Most counselors will accept private pay (i.e. paying out of pocket) for their therapy sessions. While it may be initially more impactful on your wallet, it also means that you’re guaranteed ultimate confidentiality since your counselor will not be required to share potentially sensitive information from your therapy session with your insurance company. Additionally, paying out of pocket grants you the freedom to seek behavioral health services without having been diagnosed with a pre-existing condition. Otherwise, insurance often requires such a diagnosis which can limit your therapist’s treatment options as well as increase your insurance premiums. Moreover, considering the pros and cons of your payment options can help be a deciding factor in your decision.


Finally, you’ll want to filter through your potential choices based on reputation. Satisfied clients are likely to leave good reviews for their counseling sessions. If there is true change in their lives, they’ll be glad to share about it. Furthermore, check out the reviews of the therapist or counseling services to make sure they’re a reputable source. When it comes to making positive life changes, you’ll want to work with a professional that has a trail of satisfied clients backing their credibility.

Central Kentucky Mental Health Services That Help You Live A Fuller Life.

Thankfully, you needn’t look much further for the best therapists in Bowling Green, Glasgow, Scottsville, and Tompkinsville than those here at Fuller Life Counseling Partners. With nearly two decades of counseling experience, we help any and all our patients make marked improvement in their lives by coupling evidence-based therapy strategies with a comfortable, welcoming environment in which to open up. The relationship between the client and therapist is of primary importance to making change and we are dedicated to making sure that our client feels that counseling is a collaborative process. You are the expert in your own life and we are here to support, guide, and encourage the changes you want to make. We proudly accept most Kentucky health insurance policies and offer the most competitive self-pay rates for those without insurance. For the best counseling Central Kentucky has to offer, call us today to speak with the team most dedicated to helping you live your best life.

Bowling Green Mental Health Services
Insurance & Self Pay

Insurance & Self Pay

We accept Medicaid    and Medicare.

We understand there are several different insurance carriers and it can be confusing to know if our services will be covered under your personal insurance policy. This is why we proudly accept most health insurance that is offered throughout Kentucky. If you're looking for a therapist in Bowling Green, Glasgow, Scottsville, or Tompkinsville, you've come to the right place.

If by chance your insurance is not listed as accepted by us, please know we will be more than happy to help get it on our approved list. Click "learn more" for our current list of accepted insurance companies and self-pay rates.

Our Offices

Private counseling sessions
Our therapy office in Bowling Green, Kentucky is located off Scottsville Road in Bowling Green Kentucky.

We want you to know we take your confidentiality seriously; this is why our offices are privately located while also easy to access.


Once you arrive, please check in at the lobby or feel free to text your therapist to let them know you have arrived for your appointment. 

Visit us today!

We are located conveniently right off of Scottsville Road. Our building is directly between Grace Community Church and the Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center. Come on in!

5966 Scottsville Rd, Suite 3, Bowling Green, KY 42104

Tompkinsville Location

Located just off Main Street on West 3rd Street near the Monroe County Justice Center.

108 West Third Street, Tompkinsville, KY 42167

Glasgow Location


We are conveniently located between N. Green Street and Columbia Ave. Just minutes from the downtown square and parking is located at the side of the entrance.​

106 West Front St, Glasgow, KY 42141

Bowling Green Locations

Turn on Vanderbilt Court next to the Post Office. Then take the first right to Hunter Court.

130 Hunter Ct, Bowling Green, KY 42103

Scottsville Location


We are conveniently located on Main Street just passed N. 7th Street in the McPherson Appraisal Building.​

805 E. Main Street Scottsville, KY 42164

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