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If this best describes what you are seeking care for today, please know we are here for you and want to help. Contact us today and we will help set up the individualized care that is the best fit for you or a loved one. 

If you are experiencing a crisis right now, in distress right now, or thinking about harming yourself, please know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We want you to know there are trained professionals available 24 hours a day through national call and text lines. Please reach out for IMMEDIATE HELP below.

Support Available 24 Hours a Day Everyday

Support Advocates Available 24 Hours a Day: No Fees, No Judgement, No Names

The information on this page related to current therapy issues has been provided from You can find more information from them here.


"Agoraphobia is a phobia of being trapped in difficult-to-escape situations. One person may dread being alone in an open space where they cannot get help if needed. Another person might avoid crowded public areas that they cannot easily leave. Agoraphobia can restrict one’s day-to-day living. People may go far out of their way to avoid certain places. Some may rely on others to accompany them out of the house. In severe cases, people may confine themselves at home. Without treatment, only 10% of people with agoraphobia completely recover. With treatment, most individuals can overcome the condition. People who have agoraphobia can benefit from speaking with a therapist. Those who have difficulty leaving their house may find home-based or distance therapy helpful."

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