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If this best describes what you are seeking care for today, please know we are here for you and want to help. Contact us today and we will help set up the individualized care that is the best fit for you or a loved one. 

If you are experiencing a crisis right now, in distress right now, or thinking about harming yourself, please know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We want you to know there are trained professionals available 24 hours a day through national call and text lines. Please reach out for IMMEDIATE HELP below.

Support Available 24 Hours a Day Everyday

Support Advocates Available 24 Hours a Day: No Fees, No Judgement, No Names

The information on this page related to current therapy issues has been provided from You can find more information from them here.

Health / Illness / Medical Issues

"Health issues affect almost everyone at some point in their lives. People may develop an illness themselves or indirectly experience illness through a friend or family’s condition. Illness can be classified as acute, chronic, and/or terminal diseases. Acute illnesses often appear suddenly and last a short time (Example: a flu episode). Chronic illnesses are conditions that last a long time and often require ongoing medical care (Example: epilepsy). Terminal illnesses have no cure and will likely cause death within several months or years (Example: late-stage cancer). The onset of medical health issues may contribute to feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression, and/or anger. A mental health professional may be able to help individuals cope with any challenges that arise as they face a difficult or debilitating illness."

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